2014 Show Schedule

Apr 18-19


Williamston Spring Dressage

May 17-18


Lexington Spring Dressage

Jun 14-15


Virginia Summer Dressage

Jul 26-27


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

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Big changes in 2014!

2014 marks the fifth year for Rosinburg Events. We will continue to organize five competitions over four weekends in April through July, at the same four venues in North Carolina and Virginia. While the two North Carolina shows will use the same rings as in previous years, there are big changes planned for the two Virginia shows.


The Lexington Spring Dressage competition has outgrown the East Complex. We will move to the Anderson coliseum and adjacent rings. The DSHB classes will be held in the Bent Tree indoor ring and we will use the Southern States and Silverbrook barns. The HITS/Commonwealth Park facility in Culpeper, VA – site of the Virginia Summer Dressage competition - has undergone a major renovation since last summer. All the old barns have been replaced with brand-new barns (with both center aisle and shed row stalls) and many of the buildings have been renovated. Photos and a new facility layout map will be posted on this website over the next few months.


Most of the facilities are also increasing their rental fees this year – or cutting the services that were previously provided as part of the rental fee. Unfortunately, this coincides with USEF fee increases that will hit Dressage shows particularly hard. USEF Competition License fees have increased and a new “per horse” fee is required for each horse in each separate show. This means that competitions where each day is a separate competition (such as Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II), will have to pay higher licensing fees as well as the new USEF “per horse” fee for each horse on both competition days. Not only facility and USEF fees have increased, but most hotels and services have decided to charge more.


As our shows have grown and evolved, some of you have requested that we provide larger and fancier ribbons and that we provide more options for FEI classes and tests. Done! We will transition to new ribbons starting in 2014, and the most-ridden FEI tests will be offered not only as separate classes (with divisions for Open, AA and Jr/Yrs in each class), but any FEI test can still be ridden in an FEI Test of Choice class. So look for more classes, more choices and better ribbons at the shows!


Inevitably, all of the price increases have caused an increase in some of our entry fees, but we will continue to rely on our generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers to keep costs to a minimum and help us continue to provide the same amenities as in previous years.


We wish to thank the many sponsors who have provided prizes, high score awards and other amenities for our competitors and volunteers over the years. Check out the sponsor links on this page and let the sponsors know that you appreciate their support of dressage!


Please check the website often over the next few months for updates on 2014 shows. Contact me at jemrph@aol.com with any questions. I look forward to seeing you at the shows!




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