2015 Show Schedule

Apr 18-19


Williamston Spring Dressage

May 16-17


Lexington Spring Dressage

Jun 13-14


Virginia Summer Dressage

Jul 25-26


Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II

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Preparing for 2015

2015 marks the sixth year for Rosinburg Events. We will continue to organize five competitions over four weekends in April through July, at the same four venues in North Carolina and Virginia. The biggest change is that the Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II shows in Raleigh, NC will use the entire facility. The indoor ring will be used for dressage classes and the covered ring will probably be used for warmup. The dressage pad on the western side of the facility will continue to be used for dressage. The best part of this change is that we will be able to have much more space for warmup, lungeing, etc.


The Williamston Spring Dressage show in Williamston, NC show is moving back to Saturday and Sunday; two Virginia shows (in Lexington and Culpeper) will use all the same rings as last year. (See the facility layout maps posted below FMI). In Lexington, we will again use the Anderson coliseum and adjacent rings. The DSHB classes will be held in the Bent Tree indoor ring and we will use the Southern States and Silverbrook barns. The improvements to HITS/Commonwealth Park facility in Culpeper, VA – site of the Virginia Summer Dressage competition – were a big hit with competitors, especially the new barns with their 12'x12' stalls and good lighting. The large warmup areas at Culpeper make it popular with the competitors.


All 2014 shows were larger than the year before and while we are pleased with their popularity, our goal has always been to have well-run shows and not necessarily large shows. Entries will be limited in 2015 if entries surpass our limit of four dressage rings. In 2014, we had to turn away entries at Raleigh due to space constraints and both Virginia shows were nearly full.


Entry fees will remain the same for 2015, and we will continue to rely on our generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers to keep costs to a minimum and help us continue to provide the same amenities as in previous years.


We wish to thank the many sponsors who have provided prizes, high score awards and other amenities for our competitors and volunteers over the years. Check out the sponsor links on this page and let the sponsors know that you appreciate their support of dressage!


I would like to extend a special congratulations to the many Rosinburg Events competitors who participated in the US Dressage Finals in November 2014, in Lexington KY. As chair of the Finals Organizing Committee, I was very proud that so many of you competed and were successful in RE shows during your journey to the Finals!


Please check the website often over the next few months for updates on 2015 shows. Contact me at jemrph@aol.com with any questions. I look forward to seeing you at the shows!




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